GEOTEC has been operating for more than 20 years in large infrastructure projects in Brazil and abroad, with solid experience in environmental licensing and management of social and environmental projects.

GEOTEC began in 1997, acting on highways in the works of Duplication of Fernão Dias Highway and developing projects of recovery of degraded areas. Soon came the partnerships with dealers and the company met strong expansion.

GEOTEC has acted in environmental projects, obtaining licenses and deploying programs in more than 3,500 km of State and federal highways. As stand-outs, it should be mentioned the Marginal of Castello Branco in Osasco and Alphaville, the duplication of the Rodovia Raposo Tavares, and the ring road of Sorocaba, all SP-225, doubling between Jaú, Brotas, Itirapina, Bauru and Marília, and various road works in São Paulo, for DER-SP, the CCR Group and the Arteris.

Geotec acted in four sections of Rodoanel Mário Covas, with the environmental supervision of works of the whole West, lot 2 of the South, to the East, DERSA for SPMar and now in 2 of the North. We have also done the environmental work on doubling the Serra do Cafezal do, at highway Régis Bittencourt, and utilities, coastal Plateau and Fluminense, ViaBahia, MGO, and MSVias. Recently, we began a partnership with the Group Pátria in Entrevias.

GEOTEC has also developed a group dedicated to mobility and urban works. In particular, the implementation of new subway lines in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador, train lines and bus lanes, as well as works of sanitation for the SABESP and of water resources, in particular pools for the DAEE. GEOTEC has been specializing itself in working in the Amazon region, in hydroelectric projects. It also works in ports, railways and airports, are large, as the GRU, or regional, now in partnership with VoaSP. Management plans, Environmental Zoning, Forest Inventories, record and Passive recovery, and all kinds of measurement and environmental controls are also part of the specialties of GEOTEC.

Fields of Work

Throughout its 20 years of experience, GEOTEC starred in hundreds of projects, of the most varied and throughout Brazil. Large works and infrastructure are the specialty of GEOTEC, the environmental licensing, as management, supervision, and control.

Environmental Studies and Statements – Environmental Licensing
Management of Environmental Programs
Environmental Supervision and Management
Mapping of Geotechnical-Geological, Embankments, and Liabilities
Management of Contaminated Sites
Noise and Vibration Monitoring
Risk Management Program and Emergency Action Plan (PAE and PGR)
Municipal Director Plan
Forest Inventory
Flora Monitoring
Rescue of Germplasm
Planting Projects
Monitoring of Fauna
Rescue of Fauna
The Ecuador Principles
Environmental Education
Social Communication



A Geotec iniciará 2017 com força total, para tal garante sua presença no 10º Congresso Brasileiro de Rodovias e Concessões.


A GEOTEC se orgulha em anunciar a abertura de sua segunda filial, no município de Sinop, MT. A filial conta com cerca de 20 funcionários. Dentre as ati vidades realizadas, destaca-se a Fiscalização e Monitoramento em Usinas Hidroelétricas.  


From the month of April / 2016 the GEOTEC Matrix Consulting Ltda. Starts working in a new address

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